High Pressure Drain Cleaner

High pressure drain cleaning in the Perth Hills

Clear your blocked or slow moving drains with a professional high-pressure drain clean (jet blast) by the most experienced plumbers in the Perth hills.


Jet blasting is an effective and quick way to clear the toughest of blockages from your kitchen and laundry sinks and blocked showers or toilets. There are many things that shouldn’t go down your drain, as they can cause blockages – or even worse overflows. Some of the things we find when we flush blocked drains include:


  • Fats, oils and grease – these substances stick to the sides of pipes, building up over time causing unnecessary blockages
  • Hair – it’s no surprise this is among the main cause of blocked shower drains
  • Sanitary objects – tampons, cotton balls, nappies and condoms are also common causes of blockages in the bathroom
  • Wet Wipes – despite some of the labeling on packages, wet wipes can’t break down properly like toilet paper and can therefore affect to your drains and effectiveness of your septic tanks
  • Food – food scraps washed down the kitchen sink such as rice, flour and pasta can swell up and block your drain


If you live in the Perth hills or surrounding area and suspect you have a blocked drain, contact our friendly team for a quick and effective plumbing solution.